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Securing VMWare AppDefense Containers

Securing Apps Across Containers & VMs - Ensuring Good Rather than Chasing Bad

A joint VMWare and Aqua Security presentation

In this webinar you will learn about an integrated, highly scalable approach to securing VMs and containers through a combined solution. We’ll demonstrate how security teams can visualize their security policy for VMs and containers within AppDefense, as well as view and respond to policy violations from Aqua within AppDefense.

We’ll review:

  • Runtime assurance for containers that sends container context — called “runtime profiles” — to AppDefense
  • How this policy is visualized within AppDefense once it’s inherited from Aqua in order to rationalize policy across various services and modes of deployment.
  • Event identification and tracing in AppDefense

Learn how to extend security across both containers and VMs!

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