Trends in Data Security for Containers

This webinar relays the perspective of 500+ developers, security and DevOps pros who shared key trends and drivers of container adoption.  You’ll get an overview of industry and ecosystem challenges around containers and cloud native applications with revealing insights about container security.

Topics reviewed include:

  • Why organizations choose to use containers
  • Which container orchestration tools organizations use the most
  • Key challenges to overcome when deploying containers
  • Steps taken to secure containerized applications and who is responsible
  • The landscape and usage patterns of public cloud container services

Michael Ferranti, VP of Product Marketing with Portworx and Rani Osnat VP of Strategy with Aqua Security demystify the complexity surrounding applications deployed in containers and provide clarity around organizational security responsibility in the cloud-native world.


Michael Ferranti


Rani Osnat


Michael Ferranti
VP of Product Marketing

Rani Osnat
VP of Strategy
Aqua Security