Enterprise container security

Securosis Analyst Report 2018

The Complete Guide to Enterprise Container Security

In this comprehensive 24 page report, Securosis provide a complete overview of the security implications of using containers and actionable insights for implementing best practices.

The report outlines:

  • Potential security threats to containers
  • How to secure the build pipeline
  • How to secure container contents
  • How to secure orchestration environments
  • How to manage secrets for containers
  • Protecting containers in runtime
  • Monitoring and auditing

From the report:
"The burden of securing containers falls across Development, Operations, and Security teams — but none of these groups always knows how to tackle their issues...  ...We will cover some reasons containers and container orchestration managers create new security concerns, as well as how to go about creating security controls across the entire spectrum os OS’s, containers, orchestration managers, registries, build tools and so on."