Enterprise container security

A Joint Microsoft & Aqua White Paper

The Definitive Guide to Securing Kubernetes

The Definitive Guide to Securing Kubernetes

Co-Authored by Liz Rice at Aqua Security and Brendan Burns with Microsoft

As the adoption of Kubernetes (K8s) continues to expand, one topic that often comes up is security. Since K8s is used to run applications on a large scale and controls who and what can be done with these applications, security should be well-understood and managed.

This whitepaper provides an overview of key aspects and best practices of K8s security, including:
• Securing the cluster
• Managing authorization and authentication
• Implementing a trusted software supply chain
• Securing workloads in runtime
• Managing secrets

About the Authors:

Brendan Burns Microsoft liz_rice
Brendan Burns
Distinguished Engineer and Kubernetes Co-Creator Microsoft 
Liz Rice
VP of Open Source Engineering
Aqua Security
DevOps & Containers on Azure: Azure Container Service, Azure Container Instances, Azure CloudConsole, Azure Resource Manager

Leads Aqua's Open Source effort.  Chair of the CNCF's Technical Oversight Committee.  Expertise on containers, cloud native technologies, security and distributed systems.