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Serverless Runtime Protection: Create the Optimal Balance Between Performance & Risks

Serverless Runtime Protection: How to Create the Optimal Balance Between Performance and Risks

Serverless runtime security (AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Functions, etc.) requires deep integration with functions’ code, validation of its input and outputs and control over processes execution.  But adding all recommended security controls has an impact on functions’ performance and cost (invocation durations).  Aqua helps you walk the line that creates an optimal balance between implemented security control and functions runtime performance in one unified security platform for containers and serverless.

In this webinar we’ll discuss AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Functions and more:

  • Serverless runtime risks, the different security controls and their impact on functions’ performance
  • Balancing between function’s risks, security controls and functions’ performance and cost
  • Detecting attempts to use functions as a doorway to gain access to other resources
  • Eliminating remote-code-execution (RCE) in serverless functions 

Presented by:  Ariel Shuper, Sr. Director of Product Management



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