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Blast Radius Report

A Blast Radius Analysis of Container Attacks

Blasting past your security: A Blast Radius Analysis of Container Attacks

In this research, we analyzed real victims’ potential total impact from threat actors, by identifying hosts that have been targeted by real attacks in the wild and then analyzing their external-facing vulnerabilities.

This approach allowed us to determine the blast radius, or total potential impact, of these real-world attacks. Our findings show that many organizations are able to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, but not before they are targeted by a threat actor.

Key findings you'll learn from this report:

  1. Security by obscurity is not a viable strategy

  2. Increase visibility by going beyond host-based security tools

  3. Reduce the attack surface

  4. Scan your workloads to detect malicious behavior

  5. Limit accessibility to cloud meta-data

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