KubeSec Online

KubeSec Online:

The Art of Building Secure Kubernetes Pipelines


The Art of Building Secure Kubernetes Pipelines

Presented by Renaldi Gondosubroto, Founder and CEO, GReS Studio

In the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, threats to Kubernetes also remain ever-changing, and one of the biggest challenges of managing security in Kubernetes is being updated to those threats. Often times, the knowledge that we think we have about existing CVEs will surprise us when new ones come along and attack on surfaces that we do not yet expect.

In this talk, Renaldi outlines the latest trends of security practices in Kubernetes pipelines and talks through how we can utilize best practices in order to ensure safer deployments.



Session originally presented at KubeSec NA 2021

KubeSec is an industry event hosted by Aqua and our partners that focuses on security in cloud native environments, addressing the demanding security and compliance requirements when deploying Kubernetes in production.
This series of online educational sessions is led by industry thought-leaders, analysts and end-users on emerging trends, market views, best practices and more.
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