KubeSec Online

KubeSec Online:

Who wants Cookies?
... and GitOps and Runtime Security


Who wants Cookies? ... and GitOps and Runtime Security

Presented by Lorenzo Fontana, Open Source Software Engineer, Sysdig & Leigh Capili, Developer Experience Engineer, Weaveworks

There is so much to think about with regard to cluster runtime security and your configuration pipeline. A good recipe helps you reduce the things you need to think about. 

You will learn how to use quality OSS ingredients like Flux and Falco to serve a secure platform of gitops goodness the whole team will enjoy! You can rest easy in your gitops kitchen knowing no horrible geese (exploits, vulnerabilities etc) will burn your cookies. 



Session originally presented at KubeSec NA 2021

KubeSec is an industry event hosted by Aqua and our partners that focuses on security in cloud native environments, addressing the demanding security and compliance requirements when deploying Kubernetes in production.
This series of online educational sessions is led by industry thought-leaders, analysts and end-users on emerging trends, market views, best practices and more.
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