A DZone Kubernetes Trend Report


Kubernetes and the Enterprise

Kubernetes has matured significantly over the last few years, and the ecosystem of Kubernetes is getting fairly complicated, especially if you’re running it on your own.

It is a distributed system. 
It’s a cluster that you are managing.
There is monitoring for it.
There’s security for it.
There are hundreds of integrations.


And so if your team is doing this all on their own, you almost need a set of Kubernetes experts because otherwise, it’s hard for a full-stack developer to go all the way from top down, or a data platform developer to deal with the data tier and Kubernetes as well.

Download this trend report and learn about:

          • How using cloud services can simplify Kubernetes
          • Key developments related to Kubernetes
          • Research findings like scaling a microservices architecture, cluster management, deployment strategies, and security
          • How modern Kubernetes infrastructure and application architectures interact