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Secure Multitenancy in Kubernetes - Present and Future 

Secure Multitenancy in Kubernetes - Present and Future

Aug 6 at 10:00 am PT  |  1:00 ET   |   18:00 BST

Multitenancy is a key capability for any cloud platform to gain widespread adoption. Without this, an enterprise will often need to deploy and operate separate Kubernetes clusters for separate teams within the enterprise which would be complex and expensive.

In this talk*, we will summarize a potential canonical model for multitenancy within Kubernetes that uses existing constructs including namespaces, role based access control, pod security policies and newer container runtime isolation mechanisms such as Kata containers.

The webinar will cover:

  • Use cases for multitenancy within enterprises and a summary of work happening in the Kubernetes Open Source Multitenancy working group to develop a standard reference model
  • New Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) including a Tenant CRD, Tenancy templating CRD and the operational model for these, along with security and isolation reference profiles.
  • Discussion on community thoughts on future evolution of this technology within the Cloud Native stack.

*This is an encore presentation of Sanjeev's talk that was delivered during the 2019 KubeSec Barcelona conference. 

Sanjeev Rampal, Work Principal Engineer - Cloud & Networking Platforms at Cisco Systems

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