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KSPM Kubernetes Security Posture Management; GitHub Code Scanning; Docker Engine vs Podman; The Container Security Checklist; Vulnerability in Containerd; Exploitable Hosts in Cloud Native Cyber Attacks

For many, November is a month of politics, for others – a time for giving thanks, for us in the cloud native ecosystem it’s a month of Kubernetes. We just introduced major new capabilities in our K8s security solution – Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) that helps protect your K8s clusters against multiple threats. Before diving in, let us share the news we’re especially proud of – our Aqua Wave solution won the 2020 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award! Read on to find many more exciting stories from the cloud native world.

News You Can Use
Survey Sees Kubernetes Challenges Taking a Toll The market adoption of Kubernetes is rising, yet 94% of organizations run into Kubernetes challenges, a new report reveals. Despite security being the most prevalent concern (47%), more than three-quarters (77%) of respondents consider Kubernetes a critical element of their digital transformation strategy.
Read the findings here ›
Exploitable Hosts Used in Cloud Native Cyber Attacks Based on data from a honeypot, Assaf Morag of Team Nautilus, Aqua's security research group, examines the mechanisms used to automatically infect a host with crypto-miners. The conclusions reveal an increasing number of vulnerable IPs and ever-greater sophistication by attackers.
Check out the full article here ›
GitHub Launches New Code Scanning Capability After five months in beta, the GitHub Code Scanning security feature has been made generally available. Along with the new integrations with third-party scanning tools, it enables developers to orchestrate security reviews throughout the software development lifecycle. Find out more ›
The Threats of Open Source Software in Cloud Native The rise of open source has drastically changed the way software is built today. The article by Benjy Portnoy of Aqua Security explores multiple security risks created by the use of open source components, why they are amplified in a cloud native world, and how you can leverage open source in a secure way. Read the full article here ›
HashiCorp Announces 1.0 Beta of Distributed Orchestrator Nomad HashiCorp announced a public beta of the 1.0 release of its Nomad orchestration engine that it says provides a simpler alternative to Kubernetes. Nomad is designed to appeal to teams that don’t require every capability of K8s or prefer an easier approach to orchestrating a small number of containers. Check out the InfoQ story ›
Is It Time to Forget About Docker Engine? The container engine landscape has evolved, and there are many alternative tools on the market. The most prominent competitor to Docker is now Podman, developed by Red Hat. Unlike Docker, Podman is daemon-less and doesn’t require any root privileges. To learn how you can use Podman to build, manage, and run your containers, check out the blog ›
The Container Security Checklist In this short talk, Aqua’s Liz Rice presents an actionable checklist to secure your container deployments. In the demo part, she dives into the details on some potential weaknesses that you need to avoid, such as running containers with a privileged flag. Watch the talk ›
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon (NA) Virtual
KubeCon CloudNativeCon Virtual 2020
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon (NA) Virtual The CNCF’s key conference is coming up soon! Join Aqua and cloud native community virtually on November 17 – 20. Stop by our virtual booth, chat with our experts, see a demo of the Aqua Platform​, and don’t forget to add our sessions to your agenda! See the schedule here ›
Aqua News
Introducing KSPM by Aqua: Kubernetes Security Posture Management Our new Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) redefines the Kubernetes security space with a truly complete approach. Just as CSPM automates secure cloud configuration, Aqua KSPM helps you assess the security posture of your K8s infrastructure. Read all about KSPM here ›
CVE-2020-15157: Vulnerability in Containerd Can Leak Cloud Credentials A bug was discovered in containerd, a popular container runtime, that exposes cloud account credentials. As the vulnerability is located in the container image-pulling process, the leak occurs even before the image is running any code on your server. Read the analysis by our research team here ›
Enterprise CyberSecurity Solution of the Year Our Aqua Wave solution (SaaS-only edition of The Aqua Platform) won the 2020 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award for Enterprise CyberSecurity Solution of the Year! This year’s program attracted more than 3,750 nominations from over 20 different countries throughout the world. See the announcement ›
Find Image Vulnerabilities Using GitHub and Aqua Security Trivy Action Aqua’s open source Trivy vulnerability scanner is now available as a GitHub Action. It integrates with GitHub code scanning so that you can use it in your GitHub workflow to find and eliminate vulnerabilities before they ever reach production. To learn how, read our detailed blog ›
Automating Kubernetes Security Reporting with Starboard Operator by Aqua Aqua’s Daniel Pacak introduces Starboard Operator that automatically runs security scanners and stores the results in Kubernetes. It’s a new addition to Starboard, our open source toolkit that integrates security tools into Kubernetes environment. Check out the blog here ›
Scanning Registries at Scale with Rules-based Image Pulls With increasing bloat of images, one of the major challenges is trying to scan only the relevant images to avoid wasting time on unnecessary scans. To learn how scanning registries at scale with rules-based image pulls helps address this problem, read our blog here ›
Whitepaper: Community-Driven Cloud Native Security
open source security tools
By enhancing security through open source projects, Aqua establishes a baseline of cloud native security fundamentals for the global community. This whitepaper digs into the nuances of being both a leader in open source cloud native security and driving innovation in a commercial security market. Get your copy here ›
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