At the end of this webinar, you’ll know what’s needed to ensure your organization is ready for cloud native production environments. 

This informative presentation is by Steve Giguere, Sr. Solution Architect at Aqua Security, and a former developer who took a sideways leap into code quality, then application security, and is now a cloud native security architect and famed podcast host. He’s seen a lot, which has fueled his desire to share his knowledge about securing cloud native applications, what to expect from a cloud native security platform, and key criteria to consider. 

Steve’s research for this presentation included several analyst reports, blogs, threat alerts, industry data, and his own hard-earned experiences.  This webinar examines the following cloud native security topics: 

      1. Cloud native specific CVE’s
      2. Open Source CVE’s
      3. The role of compliance
      4. Budget considerations
      5. Security: moving to DevOps
      6. Drift prevention – what it is and why it’s important in cloud native
      7. A three-pronged cloud native security checklist: securing the build, infrastructure and workloads