Pluggable Harbor Image Scanning with Aqua

Harbor is an open source container image registry developed by VMware. It has been handed over to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and now maintained by the open-source community. Harbor provides support for image vulnerability scanning to ensure they are safe to deploy. To use a scanner with Harbor, you’ll need to install a scanner adapter that translates scan requests for your choice of scanner.

We at Aqua have been working with the Harbor team to extend its capabilities with support for pluggable image vulnerability scanners. Aqua provides two such adapters—for Trivy, our open source vulnerability scanner, and for our commercially available Aqua CSP scanner.

During this webinar we will cover the following:
• Getting started and prerequisites
• How to configure your Harbor environment to support for pluggable image vulnerability scanner
• Provide a detailed explanation and setup demo on how Harbor Scanner Adapter for Trivy and Aqua CSP works


Raj_500sq Maor

Raj Seshadri
Solutions Architect
Aqua Security

Maor Kuriel
Product Marketing Manager
Aqua Security