Eliminate Security Backlogs: Integrated Dashboard Prioritizes Cloud Native Security Alerts
A joint webinar presented in partnership by AWS and Aqua Security

Think about how quickly you could remediate the huge backlogs of security alerts if you could collect, summarize and prioritize the thousands of security alerts in a single pane of glass. If you are currently processing hundreds or even thousands of alerts and events from dozens of security tools, you’ll want to ensure you can centralize this data. 
Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform can now send data to your AWS Security Hub dashboard to help you collect, summarize, prioritize, and remediate security findings across the application lifecycle and continuously monitor your environment using automated compliance checks - all in one location! Aqua’s insights on your AWS Security Hub dashboard closes the gap in visibility and allows security teams to respond to threats faster and optimize the way they manage risks in their environment.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:
·       Monitor vulnerability and compliance scan events during build
·       Manage suspicious or unauthorized network or container activity
·       Use AWS Security Hub to investigate and remediate compliance findings
·       Set up automated remediation workflows in AWS Security Hub


About the Speakers:

Amir Gabrieli-1 Jonathan_Rau
Amir Gabrieli
Principal Integration Architect
Aqua Security
Jonathan Rau
Senior Technical Program Manager