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Agility, Speed and Security. Finding Common Ground.

Why Developer Culture is Bypassing Traditional Security Methods

Modern development is experiencing a transformation driven by conflicting agendas. Why?

While Security’s traditional tenets would have a risk averse mandated security practice using tested methods, the monolith to micro-service movement has given a home to containerisation and service orchestration. These new technologies have abstracted critical components of the application infrastructure into the hands of the developers, concealing it from traditional security methods.

Add to mix the growing regulatory initiatives like GDPR and CCPA to provide added urgency and new unknowns to compliance directives.

Amidst the growing buzz for shift-left developer centric security methods, this webinar identifies the common ground between security and DevOps. We offer guidance on how to build in security without impeding agility, which increases agility without bypassing security.

Presented by:

Steve Giguere
Solutions Architect
Aqua Security

Steve Giguere


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