Defense in Depth: Securing Your Kubernetes Workloads on VMware Enterprise PKS
Brought to you in partnership by VMware and Aqua Security

As container orchestrators mature in areas like security, networking and persistence, enterprises are turning to VMware to leverage Enterprise PKS in building and operationalizing their Kubernetes environments. 
Using Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform with VMware Enterprise PKS, businesses can secure their cloud native applications across the entire lifecycle at scale. With this granular visibility into security issues, you are able to automatically detect and block suspicious and anomalous executables in real-time.
We’ll demonstrate how Aqua works with VMware Enterprise PKS to add comprehensive security for container workloads. Learn how to:
-  Manage vulnerabilities for container images in Harbor’s image registry 
-  Manage risk in your CI/CD pipeline to prevent unauthorized images from running
-  Leverage machine-learning to whitelist intended container and pod behavior in production
-  Automatically prevent policy violations around usage of host resources, privilege escalation, network traversal, and code injection attempts
-  Perform custom compliance checks to identify security and compliance violations of regulatory requirements for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and more


About the Speakers:

Amir Gabrieli-1 Kong_Yew_Chan,_Sr._Product_Manager_for_Enterprise_PKS,_VMware

Amir Gabrieli
Principal Integration Architect
Aqua Security

Kong Yew Chan
Sr. Product Manager for Enterprise PKS