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Cloud Security Report

Cloud Configuration
Risks Exposed

Reducing Cloud Infrastructure Risks

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The sheer complexity of cloud configurations, whether in single or multi-cloud environments, often leads to configuration issues that can unnecessarily expose organizations to threats. One cloud service account alone can have dozens, if not hundreds, of potential configurations to manage. The management burden involved in managing these configurations, along with the potential ramifications of unresolved misconfigurations, increase exponentially in multi-cloud environments.   

As organizations consider multi-cloud as a protection against vendor lock-in and a way to become more cost-effective, the consequences of letting misconfigurations continue unresolved are all too real to ignore. 

This report illuminates the challenge of keeping on top of misconfigurations, as well as the potential benefits of automating discovery and remediation. The key findings demonstrate common misconfiguration issues faced by real practitioners, as well as the recommended remediation steps to reduce overall exposure. 

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