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On-Demand Webinar

Aqua Dynamic Threat Analysis

New from Aqua: Dynamic Analysis of Container Images for Detecting Stealthy Malware

Bad actors are always operating and trying to exploit your container environments. Organized attacks that attempt cryptocurrency mining, credential theft, data exfiltration, or using containers for DDoS attacks are now common threat vectors that our team has seen in the wild. And while image scanning is an essential tool for container security, static scanners have a blind spot to these more sophisticated threats. Organizations need a method for assessing known and unknown risks in container images – simulated in a runtime environment.

Aqua has a new container analysis sandbox solution, Aqua Dynamic Threat Analysis (DTA), that dynamically detects and categorizes risks hidden in container images by mimicking the threat surface as if the images are running in production. It finds malicious behaviors that can only be observed when an image runs as a container.

During this webinar, we will cover these container analysis topics:
  • The emerging threat of sophisticated, polymorphic malware in containers
  • An introduction to Aqua DTA – sandboxed dynamic analysis of containers
  • Use cases showing the value of Aqua DTA in a properly secured CI pipeline
  • A deep dive into the technical features and specific indicators of attack that Aqua DTA finds
  • Aqua DTA demonstration