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VMWare Tanzu Application Service for Kubernetes; Kinsing Malware Attack; Dynamic Threat Analysis; The Container Security Book; KubeSec Online; Docker Image Security: Static Analysis Tool Comparison...

In this issue, we've rounded up interesting news from the cloud native ecosystem, upcoming events and happenings from Aqua. First up, we're happy to announce that in May we closed a Series D round of funding for $30M, led by Greenspring Associates, with participation by Aqua’s existing investors – Insight Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and TLV Partners.

Aqua has made impressive strides building its customer base and establishing itself as a market leader in securing cloud native applications,” Hunter Somerville, General Partner at Greenspring Associates.

News You Can Use

VMware's Tanzu Application Service for Kubernetes hits beta Cloud Foundry and VMware have prioritized adapting the [Tanzu] system to work on Kubernetes, the de facto standard for container orchestration. Tanzu lets developers package and deploy applications via a single command. Read on The Register ›
Container Security Aqua Security Introduces Dynamic Threat Analysis for Containers A new product offering that detects hidden malware in container images through dynamic analysis of running containers. Now available as an option within Aqua’s Cloud Native Security Platform (CSP). Read on SDxCentral ›
Open Source Vulnerability Scanner Trivy Vulnerability Scanner is now the Harbor Default Scanner Trivy, Aqua's open source scanner, is able to detect vulnerabilities in a number of Linux operating systems including Alpine, RHEL, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE, and Amazon Linux. Harbor is an open source container image registry. Read on InfoQ ›
Docker Image Security: Static Analysis Tool Comparison – Anchore Engine vs Clair vs Trivy In the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and the DevSecOps world, there are different stages of security analysis. One involves analyzing how secure the images are which we have chosen for the containers that will run our applications.
Read on a10o ›
Kinsing Malware Kinsing Malware Attack: Security researchers observed an attack campaign that targeted misconfigured Docker API ports with samples of Kinsing malware. The campaign began when it capitalized on an unprotected Docker API port to run a Ubuntu container. Read on Security Boulevard ›
Container Security NEW! Liz Rice's Container Security Book This practical book, available through O'Reilly Media, provides the most comprehensive look at container security available today. It examines key technologies to help developers, operators, and security professionals to address security risks in their containers. Download the eBook ›  and Watch Liz Rice's Video ›
Dynamic Threat Analysis (DTA)

Dynamic Threat Analysis
Aqua's Dynamic Threat Analysis (DTA) Detect hidden threats in running containers - before you go into production. Get an introduction and demonstration of Aqua DTA, a deep dive into technical features and specific indicators of attacks, and use cases showing value in a properly secured CI pipeline. 
Aqua News

Kubernetes Security Implementing Aqua Security to Secure Kubernetes To achieve maximum security, Aqua approaches Kubernetes security from a holistic point of view. In this article, we discuss the benefits of, and how you can go about implementing Aqua Security to better secure Kubernetes. Read on DZone ›
Google Cloud Security

Aqua Partners with GCP to Secure Windows Containers on GKE Aqua has been working diligently with the Google Cloud team to support the launch of the new Windows GKE , which allows Aqua users to secure their GKE deployments using both Windows and Linux containers Read the Blog ›

Kubernetes Security

KubeSec Goes Online! How would you react if your laptop was stolen? Are you worried about attackers performing a cold boot attack to extract your Kubernetes credentials? Do you already use a YubiKey for SSH and GPG, and wonder why you cannot use it with kubectl? If yes, then this talk is for you! kubectl support for PKCS#11 Hardware Security Module with Cristian Klein
Cloud Native Architect at Elastisys - on June 2nd! Register Now ›

Saltstack CVE

Mitigating High Severity CVEs Affecting SaltStack on Public Clouds These vulnerabilities can enable remote code execution (RCE), which lets attackers remotely execute commands on the Salt leader node. To fight this, Aqua CSPM has new plugins that check AWS, Azure, and GCP environments.
Read the Blog ›


BeerSecOps with Michael Hausenblas Michael takes us on a deep dive into what Software Supply Chain Management means, and how, via open source tooling and gitops, we can create a secure cloud native software supply chain. Listen to the Podcast ›

Drift Prevention

Blocking Attacks in Runtime with Drift Prevention How do you ensure the software that came from the image, is exactly the same software that's running in the workload? Enter drift prevention - the cloud native answer to malware, worms, and zero-day exploits, and one of the best things to happen to security since the firewall. Read the Blog ›

KubeSec Enterprise Workshops
In this hands-on workshop, Microsoft and Aqua will guide you through the struggles of addressing security and compliance requirements for cloud environments, and show you can make use of modern application development and deployment methods while increasing your overall security posture – all with no impact on speed or performance. A complimentary AKS lab environment will be provided to all attendees during this session. 
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The Aqua Cloud Native Security platform enables enterprises to secure their cloud native, container-based and serverless applications from development to production.
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