Securing the Build, Infrastructure and Workloads Across Cloud Native Environments

An Illustrated Guide to Cloud Native Security with Aqua

This guide provides visual, easy-to-digest diagrams that answer questions such as:

    • Are you able to prioritize threats in running workloads in real-time, fixing the most critical risks immediately?
    • Can you detect hidden, polymorphic malware in your pipeline?
    • Do you have visibility into vulnerability severity metrics, exploits, and impacted running workloads from one location?
    • How will you stop suspicious container activity without stopping or killing the container?
    • Is it possible to safely trace and categorize the steps of an attack kill chain?
    • Can you securely deliver secrets from a central vault to the containers that need them?

… CSPM, compliance, FAAS, serverless, multi-cloud deployment security and more!

Download our Illustrated Guide that explains how to secure Containers, Serverless and VMs for Cloud Native Applications. 

The Aqua Approach:  Secure the Build, Secure the Infrastructure, Secure the Workload