container security

Container Adoption Report

Understanding Container Adoption With a Special Focus on Container Security


2019 Container Adoption Survey - Conducted by Aqua Security and Portworx

Container Adoption Continues to Grow as Organizational Challenges Mount

Not only are more companies using containers, but more of those that do are running containerized applications in production. This year’s report reveals more insight about container security, with the responses being indicative of an increase in complexity of applications deployed in containers compared to previous years, as well as a continuing lack of clarity around organizational security responsibility. 

We surveyed more than 500 IT pros to understand key trends and drivers of container adoption:

  • Why organizations choose to use containers
  • Which container orchestration tools organizations use the most
  • Key challenges to overcome when deploying containers
  • Steps taken to secure containerized applications
  • Who bears responsibility for container security within organizations
  • The landscape and usage patterns of public cloud container services

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