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Protecting Cloud VMs in Modern Cloud Native Stacks

Secure VM Workloads at All Stages of Their Lifecycle

Security for Cloud VMs - Email ThumbnailsVirtual machines (VMs) that run in public clouds require a modern security approach, without the baggage of older tools used to secure data enter servers. Cloud VMs necessitate a lightweight solution that is easy to automate in an orchestrated environment, easy to deploy and manage at scale, and will not tax cloud resources.

Learn how to automate VM security in private, public & hybrid cloud environments by:

  • Scanning for malware and vulnerabilities, and ensuring that your VMs are properly hardened
  • Ensuring compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other requirements
  • Detecting configuration issues quickly
  • Protecting VM-based workloads in runtime
  • Keeping VMs configuration immutable, protecting against drift and tampering.
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