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Cloud Native Threat Report

Attacks in the Wild on Container Infrastructure


Aqua's security research team, Nautilus, analyzed 16,371 attacks on container and cloud native infrastructure which occurred over a period of 1 year,  This research aims to present the entire kill-chain of attacks against cloud native environments.

Based on the attacks against our honeypots, this research publication provides a cohesive analysis.  By examining the trends and behaviors identified in the past attacks, we are able to predict how this threat landscape will continue to morph, arming you with knowledge and tools to protect your environment. 

  • The volume of these attacks
  • Change in the nature of these attacks over time
  • The level of sophistication
  • An analysis using MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Analysis based on virtual wallets’ data
  • Appendices containing a technical report on each attack mentioned in this report
Download the Report