Securing Apps Across Containers & VMs - Ensuring Good Rather than Chasing Bad
A joint CircleCi and Aqua Security presentation


Enterprises are doing what they can to foster a “security first” mentality within their IT organizations, but don’t always have the necessary skills in-house and may not take the steps needed to build security into an application by design.

As DevOps accelerate application development and deployment, implementing security as an afterthought is no longer an option, since that approach cannot handle the velocity and scale of agile application deployments. Automation is key to embedding security into the DevOps pipeline and ensuring that code is secure before it’s deployed, not after.

In this webinar, Aqua Security and CircleCI will show you how you can bake security into the development process, seamlessly, to ensure that your applications are fully secured throughout the development lifecycle.

We’ll show you how you can:

    • Build software quickly, using custom job orchestration
    • See all of your builds at a glance, including failed builds and slow tests
    • Identify image vulnerabilities as you build your application
    • Configure your “risk-appetite" to pass or fail images in build based on vulnerability severity