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On-Demand Webinar:

AWS Graviton2, Arm &
Aqua Security

AWS ARM Webinar

Securely optimizing containerization with AWS Graviton2, Arm & Aqua Security

AWS Graviton2 processors, powered by Arm Neoverse technology, deliver price-performance improvements for existing containerized workloads such as high query volume consumer facing apps and transactional databases, as well as compelling economics for new use cases like IoT, edge computing, Telco and 5G. For most large enterprises, managing the risk of new environments and detecting emerging threats can be a hurdle to adoption of cloud native architectures.

Leveraging AWS’ investments in securing infrastructure, Arm’s secure silicon architecture, and Aqua’s run-time protection designed for EC2 workloads running at high density, enterprises can safely embrace AWS Graviton2 for performance and cost benefits.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How to take a comprehensive, sustainable approach to cloud native security, manage risks and reap the benefits of AWS Graviton2-powered workloads
  • How Arm technologies pave the way to lower costs for containerization and optimizes infrastructure for workloads
  • How customers have worked with AWS partner Aqua to secure and scale new EC2 Graviton use cases and reduce the costs of their existing workloads

AWS ARM Webinar Speakers

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