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Active Workload Protection on Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate

Active Workload Protection on Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate

Presented in partnership with AWS

Container adoption has been skyrocketing, but as enterprises mature their container implementations, they face challenges in large-scale orchestration, time-to-market, and security. Amazon’s Managed Kubernetes Service (EKS) and AWS Fargate, which runs containers without having to manage servers or clusters, offer organizations great flexibility, scale and hassle-free options for deploying container-based applications.

The different modes of deployment also make it necessary to gain visibility and uniform security controls across EKS clusters and Fargate deployments. Protecting the application layer requires in-depth understanding of the workloads and their intended functionality.

This webinar reviews how the combination of AWS security controls and Aqua’s comprehensive container security platform provide a complete solution for securing containerized applications:

  • Full life-cycle security controls that ensure applications are secured before they’re deployed
  • Visibility into the security and compliance posture of applications deployed across Fargate and EKS
  • Single-pane-of-glass management of security policy, uniformly across clusters and deployment modalities
  • Leveraging other native AWS services including Amazon ECR, AWS KMS, IAM roles, and PrivateLink
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