Vulnerable Packages Usage

Most companies are lagging in vulnerability remediation, even when it comes to high severity vulnerabilities.

Compromised Pipeline Tools

A compromised CI/CD pipeline can expose source code, which is the blueprint of your application, your development infrastructure, and your processes.

Code/Artifact Integrity

One of the main risk areas identified in this research is the upload of bad code to the source code repositories, which directly impacts the artifact quality and security posture.

This study found that software supply chain threats increased in number and sophistication, with more vulnerabilities and attacks discovered every month.

Attackers focused on open source vulnerabilities and poisoning, code issues, software supply chain process or exploiting supplier trust, to distribute malware or backdoors to non-suspecting application users.

Our experts identified three primary areas of risk that companies should understand and address to improve software supply chain security: 

  • Vulnerable Packages Usage
  • Compromised Pipeline Tools
  • Code/Artifact Integrity

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