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Winging it at runtime is risky business

Understanding the cloud native runtime protection security gap  

While shift left, scanning, and hardening of cloud environments are critical elements of a full-life-cycle cloud native security strategy, all those efforts are moot without a way to protect in runtime against attackers who have evaded detection and have access to the production environment.  

This survey was conducted to help DevOps and security teams understand the real challenges they face when trying to achieve runtime protection.  

Key findings include: 

  • A shift is occurring to re-prioritize runtime security in the mix of cloud native security tools, to protect against attacks in progress
  • More attention is being paid to the building blocks of runtime security, like enforcing the immutability of containers, to achieve effective runtime protection

For more of the key findings along with recommendations for practitioners to achieve practical, effective runtime security for their cloud native environments, download the full report. 

Download the Report