Aqua Risk Explorer – A Calculated, Visual, Risk-Based Approach for Exploring Your Security Risks

Cloud-native technology is in hyper-growth mode allowing for fast application delivery and efficiency, but it also introduces new security risks and threats. The result is that your organization will be exposed to a huge number of security artifacts – code vulnerabilities, sensitive data exposure, malicious software and bad configurations.

Aqua Risk Explorer offers a high-level visualization of your cloud-native environment identifying the relative security risk for every one of your deployments -- all through one screen – helping you to easily apply a risk-based prioritization approach to remediating vulnerabilities.

During this webinar we will show by way of example how to navigate and prioritize your cloud-native security risks:  

• Understand your cloud-native environment: controllers, clusters, containers and images, from a security point of view
• Drill down to security risk details for controllers, images, containers and infrastructure 


About the Speaker:

Tammar Harel  

Tammar Harel
Product Manager
Aqua Security