Aqua Risk Explorer – A Visual Representation of Vulnerabilities with Highest Risk

Know Which Vulnerabilities to Fix First Using A Visual Prioritization Map

Your environment will always have security risks. It's important then to use your time wisely to prioritize and remediate those vulnerabilities that pose the most risk.

Aqua Risk Explorer offers a graphical visualization of your cloud-native environment identifying the relative security risk for every one of your deployments -- all through one screen – helping you to easily prioritize your approach to remediating vulnerabilities.

During this webinar we will show by way of example how to navigate and prioritize your cloud-native security risks: 

  • Understand your cloud-native environment: controllers, clusters, containers and images, from a security point of view
  • Drill down to security risk details for controllers, images, containers and infrastructure 

About the Speaker:

Tammar Harel  

Tammar Harel
Product Manager
Aqua Security