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Identity-Based Microsegmentation

Defining network connections in cloud native environments

It is critical to be able to discover, visualize, and define network connections in cloud native environments, detecting malicious network activity across VMs, containers, Kubernetes clusters, and pods. 

In this webinar, we will walk through the process of defining zero-trust network connections based on service-oriented firewall rules, regardless of where the workload runs. We will demonstrate how to label container groups as sensitive and use security group definitions from the orchestrator (e.g., a particular Kubernetes Deployment) to apply those segmentation rules.  You will also learn how to think about segmentation rules in comparison to classic firewall rules in cloud native environments, where IP addresses are constantly changing and what really matters are logical relationships between workloads.  

This presentation is valuable for Security practitioners who need to set access policies within cloud native environments, and anybody who wants to know how to set up this capability within a cloud native security solution.   

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