AppDev in Kubernetes: Automation and Security with Azure Red Hat OpenShift
A joint webinar presented in partnership by Microsoft and Aqua Security 
Kubernetes, microservices and highly distributed applications foster innovation and get products to market more quickly. This requires in-house DevOps talent to manage resources like CI/CD tools, image registries, storage management, networking solutions, and logging and monitoring tools, all of which must be versioned and tested together, along with the middleware and databases that need to be configured and integrated.
With Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform (CSP) and Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO), the heavy lifting in Kubernetes environments is taken care of. ARO will patch, update and monitor the infrastructure and applications nodes, making it easy for IT teams to operate while giving AppDev teams what they need to execute.  Aqua CSP automates application security for both AppDev and security teams, streamlining vulnerability management and automatically blocking unauthorized executables.
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
-  Integrate with Azure Active Directory for improved security and management
-  Monitor the health of your cluster and resources using ARO and easily upgrade cluster components
-  Manage risk in your CI/CD pipeline to prevent unauthorized images from running  
-  Leverage machine-learning to whitelist intended container and pod behavior in production  
-  Automatically prevent policy violations around usage of host resources, privilege escalation, network traversal, and code injection attempts 


About the Speakers:

Amir Gabrieli-1 Jason_De_Lorme_–_Director,_Cloud_Native_Specialist_and_Global_Black_Belt_at_Microsoft

Amir Gabrieli
Principal Integration Architect
Aqua Security

Jason De Lorme
Director, Cloud Native Specialist and Global Black Belt